To hear all about Becky's latest ventures, join her on Facebook at Becky's Beds of Bags.
We had such a great evening of service, fellowship, and fun. We were glad to have Becky join us to demonstrate even more about how she makes her special beds.  Not only giving back to the community by providing beds for homeless people, but taking all those plastic bags and keeping them out of the landfills!
Thank you to all our Rotarians for showing up to serve!
We had a great turnout for this week's meeting, and we're so pleased to learn about the road Becky has been on since just last December.  
She had too many plastic recyclable bags laying around unused and decided to do something about it.  Neither she nor her husband could've expected that just a short month and a half later she would have distributed over 20 "beds" to the homeless using those bags.
She considers this "therapy", and even her 80 years young mother has been helping out with this project.  
She has created a Facebook community, which she encouraged us to join.
If you have bags to contribute you can bring them to our meetings, or arrange with Julie Brezenski to pick them up.