Discover Yourself ~ With a Little Help
  • Featured speaker Brandon McWilliams turned up the volume on our strengths, accurately pegging Kathy as an Influencer and Sara as a Relator!!!  
  • Brandon McWilliams inspired us with his life story and discussed his focus on StrengthFinder and coaching his clients to recognize, develop, and utilize their talents.  His focus turned from teaching to working with at-risk youth early in his career.  After having a mentor provide him a scholarship to become certified as a Gallups StrengthFinder coach, Brandon agreed to continue using this model to help all his clients.  Most impressive is that he was able to take his first non-profit, Men With Dreams, and incorporate helping youth through a partnership with Lighthouse.  
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What a great way to start the New Year with our speaker Brandon McWilliams. Brandon was introduced to StrengthFinder while running the non-profit, providing new life for Brandon and the organization. He fell in love with strengths right away and knew he wanted to structure the rest of his life around helping people understand their natural talents.