Bingo Social Distancing Style (with Prizes!!!)  contest ends 8/31/20

Looking for something fun and different to do? Tired of looking at the same four walls? Interested to learn a little bit more about Rotary's history and impact in Lincoln? Well, we have just the activity for you!
 ) Gather your socially-distanced and masked friends and family together into a scavenger hunt team.

2) Set out on your favorite mode of transportation and track down the various Rotary landmarks and service projects. Upon viewing the landmark or project, mark it off on your card. 

3) Be strategic about the landmarks you discover in an effort to get a "BINGO" across, down or diagonally. For the more ambitious (or antsy), get multiple Bingos or black out the whole card!

4) Reward yourself with some ice cream or a cold beverage.
5) Once you have completed your hunt, send your card to 
A prize raffle will be held from the completed cards; cards must contain at least one BINGO in order to be eligible for the prize drawing. Prizes include Rotary swag scavenged from the Rotary vault - an adventure in itself!