Ongoing discussions are being held with Brandon McWilliams, StrengthFinder coach. He will be conducting a 2-hour coaching session for Rotary group and circle of influence at a deep discount.
For all Giving Spirits Evening Rotary Club members, he will provide a discounted StrengthFinder assessment.  The average cost for this assessment is $20-$25.  Depending on the number of assessments provided, he'll give us a rate of $15-$20.
In addition, for those who wish to take their training to the next level, Brandon has offered us a generous rate of $600 for a 2-hour coaching session.  This coaching session is planned immediately following our April 13 meeting.  
Additionally, we discussed alternative ideas for service projects.  We are planning to once again put together gift baskets for the People's City Mission.  More information to follow on details and needs.  We'll put together the baskets at our regular meeting so that all members will be able to participate!
Tim McEwen was our second "member spotlight".  Thank you all for your willingness to participate in this fun activity.  Be prepared for your 5-minutes of "fame" to be coming up in the near future. Brad Brodersen, secretary, will be reaching out to call on you for upcoming meetings!
Highlighted Guests:  Last meeting we had three guests, Marla Kurtenbach, Jacque Rico, and Gina Claussen.  This meeting, we had one guest, Becky Topil.  Thank you to all of our Rotarians for inviting their friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues to learn more about our great club!