Thank You All For a Spectacular Turnout for our January 19 Meeting! We had a turnout of almost half our members.  
Membership is climbing  - we're currently at 34 members.
Brad spoke with Brandon McWilliams, Strengthfinder coach
We are discussing having Brandon McWilliams back (presenter at our January 5th meeting) to go over your individual results and a 2 hour coaching session!  If you did not have the opportunity to sign the Interested Sign-Up Sheet please reach out via email or check out his website at Just another benefit of belonging to Lincoln's Best Evening Rotary :)
The board has decided to continue our tradition of service by assisting Becky in making her Beds for the Homeless.  We'll be collecting plastic recyclable grocery bags and make plarn balls at our next meeting.  Our goal is to make 3 - 350 bag plarn balls.  Becky needs 700 bags to make one bed, so this will get her 1-1/2 beds!
Once again, Carla came through with a phenomenal speaker!  Becky was engaging, delightful, and informative as she shared with us her "adventures" with hand crocheting recyclable bags into beds for the homeless.  Also, a special thanks to all of our members for making her feel comfortable by asking insightful questions.
This week we had three guests in attendance, 6 via zoom, and 12 members in person.  That is a great turnout, and one we hope to continue to grow from! 
Our meeting ended early at 6:48pm.
Please mark your calendars for our next meeting Tuesday, February 2.  Keep saving your bags ... you can even start a collection from your friends, family, and neighbors.