Best Meeting of the New Year!!
  • Featured speaker Brandon McWilliams turned up the volume on our strengths, accurately pegging Kathy as an Influencer and Sara as a Relator!!!  
  • Membership continues to grow, as we are getting closer to our membership goals, Sara inducted Dave Schwaniger and Ryana Rogers as new members
  • Carla reminded us all about the Rotary District 5650 Matching Opportunity for the Heartland Food Bank
Blake & Kathy Collingsworth, Wayne Boesiger, David Schwaniger, Ry Ry Rogers, Carla Waldbaum, Jason Loos, Julie Brezenski, Brad Brodersen, Don Miltner, Sara Reyes, Brandon McWilliams
Zoom Attendees:
Jessica Campbell, Matt Jensen, Jennifer Amend, Dave Spangler, Perry Pirsch, Kelsey McGreer
Past Events:
Lynette's Angels family gifts, and Cookie Exchange
Potential Volunteer Opportunities:
Dental Bags, Little Food Pantries, Spring Life Jacket Loaner Stations, Lighthouse
Kathy announced that, if approved, the vanity plates for Josh the Otter will be a fundraising opportunity through the NE Game & Parks Commission.  Contact Kathy or Blake if you'd like more information.
New Member Certificates were given to: 
Ry Ry Rogers and Dave Schwaniger